Your VoIP phone is more than just a phone

Author: Lenette Votava, OIT

VoIP phone

Just more than two years ago, Notre Dame moved to the Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system. VoIP technology converts voice calls from analog to digital, and sends the calls over the digital data network.

When compared to the analog phone, your VoIP phone offers more convenience features so your phone is more than just a “phone.” Plus, you can set up your preferences to match your personal needs. Take a closer look:

  • Use the ND White Pages menu to easily find a person’s phone number, even with a partial first or last name. You can also search by phone number if you just want to confirm how to spell someone’s name.
  • Set up your VoIP phone to deliver voicemail messages to your email inbox. The message will arrive in your inbox as a .wav file, which is playable from most computers and mobile devices by default. If you have a smartphone, you can listen to your voicemail without calling in or going to your office to retrieve the messages from your desk phone.
  • Single Number Reach (SNR) allows you to answer incoming calls at your desk or any remote destination you choose, such as your mobile phone. You can configure the date/times that SNR is active so you don’t get ND calls on your personal time.
  • The conference call feature allows you to use up to eight lines for a conference call (seven attendees and one host). The host has the ability to view the attendee list during the call. Standard long-distance charges apply.
  • Set up your iPhone or Android device to control the VoIP features of your desk phone. While connected to the campus network, the Cisco Mobile application will allow you to make/receive calls, use five-digit dialing for on-campus numbers, and access your voicemail directly.
  • Pick your favorite background image to display on your VoIP phone. Several iconic Notre Dame images are now available from which to choose. You can change the image as often as you would like. Watch for additional Notre Dame images in the future.

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