What’s new in IT?

Author: Carol Bradley

An iPhone

ND-Guest Wi-Fi enhanced

Campus visitors can take advantage of the enhanced NDGuest wireless network. without the need for a username and password.

ND-Guest is an unencrypted wireless network designed to support visitors to the University. For additional information, visit oithelp.nd.edu/networking/#guests.

More ways to get information about IT services

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

The Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) social media feeds are a great place to find helpful tips and tricks, information about new services, the status of maintenance and updates on unplanned service problems. Follow us on Twitter @oithelpdesk, Facebook, or Google+.

OIT Web IT service dashboard

The OIT launched a new Web service dashboard to let you know whether the key IT services you rely on are available or experiencing issues. Just visit oit.nd.edu to view the status at any time.

Text updates on IT status

If you want information about the status of IT services pushed to you via text message, you can subscribe by visiting ndoit.bbcportal.com and creating an account.

In addition to text messages, you can also subscribe your email address. The OIT promises to use text messages sparingly so you will only receive texts that relate directly to the status of IT services.

OIT Help Desk offers new tools

The OIT Help Desk is your best resource if you have any computer hardware, software or other technology-related question or issue. In the past year, it has expanded support tools to offer added convenience to faculty, staff and students.

A new screen share tool allows the Help Desk representative to remotely view a customer’s screen and share control of the keyboard and mouse. By viewing the screen, the Help Desk representative can easily gather information and provide a solution more quickly rather than relying on the customer describing what he or she sees on the screen.

A screen share is the next best thing to having someone physically on hand to assist. The tool is used by multiple campus IT departments, including the OIT (Help Desk and Distributed Support Services), Engineering and Science Computing, Library IT, and Law School IT.

The Help Desk representative can set up the screen share quickly and easily. And to make future screen share sessions even easier, a support representative can leave a tool behind to connect again in seconds without a code the next time assistance is needed.

The OIT Help Desk also offers support via online chat. Just visit help.nd.edu from a Mac, PC or iOS device and follow the instructions. IPhone and iPad users running iOS 5 or newer must install a free app to connect. If needed, a Help Desk representative can turn a chat session into a screen share to provide better assistance. Chat is available during standard OIT Help Desk business hours.

For additional information, contact the OIT Help Desk at 574-631-8111 or oithelp@nd.edu.