Update to Central Authentication Service

Author: Office of Information Technology

New CAS login screen

The University’s Central Authentication Service (CAS) has a new look. What is CAS? It’s the service that verifies the credentials of faculty, staff and students with an individual’s netID and password to authorize access for Web applications.

The first time you log in to a Web application that utilizes CAS, you’ll see a new login screen. It has been redesigned to meet the new University brand standards.

Once your credentials are confirmed through CAS, you can open any other Web application that utilizes CAS while your browser is open without logging in again. Not only does this feature offer added convenience, it also helps reduce security risks by limiting the exposure of your password.

While single sign-on provides user convenience, there is a difference between logging out of one Web application and logging out of CAS. When you log out of only one Web application, any other Web application that uses CAS will remain accessible on your computer.

In order to completely log out of CAS, you must exit your browser. Be sure to do so when leaving your computer unattended for any length of time or when you leave for the day. This will ensure that no other person can access your personal information in any Web application that uses CAS from your computer.

For additional information, visit oithelp.nd.edu/netid-and-passwords/central-authentication-service-cas/.