September service anniversaries

Author: Jane Morrow

The University congratulates the following employees who celebrate significant service anniversaries in September, including 55-year faculty member Kenneth M. Sayre, Psychology.

50 years
John J. Kennedy, Marketing
William H. Leahy, Economics

45 years
Andrew J. Weigert, Sociology

40 years
Karl P. Ameriks and James P. Sterba, Philosophy
Joseph P. Bauer, Law School
Dolores W. Frese, English
William J. Kremer, Art, Art History, and Design
Wendy C. Schlereth, Archives
Laurence R. Taylor, Mathematics
Eugene C. Ulrich, Theology
Oliver F. Williams, Management

35 years
Barry P. Keating, Finance
A. Eugene Livingston, Physics
John E. Smithburn, Law School
Teresa A. Welty, Law Library

30 years
Bruce A. Bunker, Michael A. McFarland and Kathie E. Newman, Physics
William K. Cawley, Archives
Kevin J. Christiano, Sociology
Michael Detlefsen and Stephen H. Watson, Philosophy
Ronald L. Dokes, Food Services
Paul A. Down, Art, Art History, and Design
Barbara J. Fick, Law School
Malcolm J. Fraser, Biological Sciences
Alan D. Krieger, Central Resources
Gregory P. Kucich, English
Robert M. Mundy, Undergraduate Enrollment
Anand Pillay, Mathematics
John P. Welle, Romance Languages and Literatures

25 years
Theadora K. Bergland, Physics
Ross W. Fergerson and Linda A. Sharp, Central Resources
Joseph F. Franco, EIS – Application Services
David C. Honer, Central Receiving
Paula A. Horne, College of Engineering
Janet L. O’Tousa, Accountancy
Sherry D. Reichold, Classics

20 years
Paula E. Benninghoff and Amy J. Cabanaw, Custodial Services
Derrick R. Chambliss, Security
Johnna L. Grenert-Taff, Accounts Payable
Shari L. Herman, Physics
Janice M. Poorman, Theology
MaryFrances E. Prorok, Chemisty and Biochemistry
Patricia A. Tubicsak, Food Services

15 years
Erik Dix, Archives
Elizabeth A. Dube, Central Resources
Ofelia Juarez, Custodial Services
Sina Oeum, Reckers
Linda L. Revolinski, Land O’Lakes
In-Saeng Suh, Center for Research Computing
Mathew C. Thuruthiyil, Joyce Center Housekeeping
Thomas C. Thuruthiyil, Food Services

10 years
Cindy A. Barnett, Legends
Laura Bellis, MBA Program
Bethany S. Cockburn, Management
Diana J. Dickson, College of Arts and Letters
M. Jean Gorman, Philanthropic Advisor
Michael Low, Licensing
Patrick R. Manning, Financial Aid
Amika Micou, Registrar
Jeffrey Miller, EIS – Communication Services
Bradley Mulder, Physics
John P. O’Callaghan, Philosophy
Nhu K. Uong-Vu, Food Services