September new hires

Author: Jane Morrow

The University welcomes the following employees who began work in September.

Michael Alakade, Food Services North Dining Hall
S. M. Niaz Arifin and Richard E. Billo, Computer Science and Engineering
Hasena Begic and Maida Hodzimesic, Custodial Services
Alexandra M. Budz, Hesburgh Libraries
Clarence E. Carter, College of Science
Lauren E. Chval, Athletics Media Relations
Natalie R. Dreyer and Ariel Durgana, Robinson Community Learning Center
Ana Egatz-Gomez, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Michelle E. Finley, Library Café
Christine E. Flint, Jessica Juday, Michael A. Loungo and Kevin P. Nugent, Development
Bruce D. Gadziola and Delmar J. Vohs, Security
Gary Gilot, College of Engineering
David Heemstra, Electrical Engineering
Sarah L. Himschoot, Career Center
Tricia Host,* Elizabeth Osowski* and Lindsay Romeo, Morris Inn
Brenda Hunt, Office of Community Standards
Jessica Jordan and Zoraida Lugo, St. Michael’s Laundry
Bradley T. Kneibel, Sports Medicine
Matthew D. Lahey, Office of General Counsel
Kyle Lantz and Melissa Marley Bonnichsen, Center for Social Concerns
*Janet Laybold
, Law School
Neil Mangus, MBA Program
Rosemary A. Max and Jennifer Nisevich, International Student Services and Activities
Louis M. Medina, Financial Aid
Laura F. Mortlock-McMinn, Radiation Laboratory
Rachel Otwinowski, Office of Human Resources
Toni M. Page-Mayberry, Harper Cancer Research Institute
Brian Powell, Annual Giving Programs, Sr. Director
Brandy Rice, Office of General Counsel
Jonathan M. Rodak, Men’s Lacrosse
Curtis J. Rood, Aviation Department
Kathleen E. Schwab, Women’s Basketball
Laura Smith, Alliance for Catholic Education
Brian Wesolowski, Freimann Animal Care Facility
Ling Zhou, Accounting and Financial Services