Road to Discovery: Crawfords reach the halfway point!

Author: Gene Stowe

Greg and Renate Crawford have passed the halfway mark on their Road To Discovery, the Boston-to-Dallas bike ride promoting the fight against Niemann-Pick Type C Disease.

The couple reached Asheville, N.C., over the weekend. Their daughter Ally, eager to join the effort against the disease that affects children her age, joined them to spend the rest of the trip on their support team.

Greg says the second week was more difficult than the first, not only because the road grew steeper in the mountains but also because they encountered aggressive dogs in the rural areas and more rainy weather on several of the days.

But they continued to meet enthusiastic Notre Dame alumni and inspiring families of children with NPC.

One father has organized a bass-fishing tournament series across several states, with some of the proceeds marked for research against the disease, and another is involved in a BBQ chicken dinner.

The route goes on to Knoxville, Memphis and Little Rock on the way to Dallas. Follow Crawford’s daily blog posts about the trip or view photos as they’re posted on flickr.

Road to Discovery, Ally Crawford The Crawford’s daughter Ally joins the support team.

Road to Discovery, Greg and Renate Crawford, June 23--Day 11 June 23—Day 11