Road to Discovery: Crawfords make it over the hump: the Appalachian Mountains!

Author: Carol C. Bradley

Crawford, Road to Discovery

Greg and Renate Crawford are counting the days in single digits on their Road to Discovery that finishes in Dallas on July 8. The couple made it over the hump—the Appalachian Mountains—with two strenuous days of biking. They crossed from North Carolina into Tennessee, grinding uphill on one side and then speeding down at better than 30 miles per hour to Gatlinburg on Monday.

On Tuesday, they pedaled slightly more than 100 miles, crossing a monster 6,000-foot mountain near the end. Then they had recovery day on Wednesday, with great weather, gorgeous scenery and easier road. When they passed a town called Pleasant Hill they were able to laugh at the irony—after the previous two days, the notion of “hill” was anything but pleasant.

One bump in the road: Renate got her first flat tire after bragging that she had none while Greg had five.

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