Pharmacists offer more than prescriptions

Author: Gene Stowe

Pharmacists Adam Gourley, at left, and Vince Workman

The Walgreens Pharmacy at the Notre Dame Wellness Center provides more engagement with patients than the typical drugstore, says pharmacist Vince Workman, who came to Notre Dame from a store in suburban Indianapolis.

“It’s refreshing to get to have a different level of engagement with people, more opportunities to talk to people about medications,” he says. “People are more open, and even expect a little more attention than at a regular pharmacy. We’re unique in a lot of ways. We get to do a lot more clinical work.”

Among other services, the pharmacy offers a medication well-check by appointment to review whether medications have expired, whether they’re compatible and whether generics are available—as well as ensuring that patients are receiving the full advantage of University benefits.

“We come to our private consultation room and go through everything,” Workman says. “There are many people who would benefit from it,” especially those with muliple conditions or medications. “We can look at all the medications they’re on and make sure they’re taking them properly, as well as saving them money in many instances.”

Patients with diabetes often discover they can save hundreds of dollars in copays because of University benefits, Workman says.

“We save diabetic patients tons of money,” he says. “Some of our diabetic patients don’t realize their medications for blood sugar control are free. And whenever anybody gets a new blood glucose monitor, we walk them through how to use it.”

Pharmacy customers also save on over-the-counter items, with many items priced more than 50 percent below other Walgreens. For example, a 150-count supply of generic Zyrtec, $34.99 at other Walgreens, was recently marked $17.07 at the Wellness Center.

The Notre Dame Wellness Center is also offering a “Be Well” series on campus, with monthly health and wellness topics—home fire safety in June, UV safety and diabetes self-management in July, immunization awareness in August and cholesterol awareness in September.

The Wellness Center ( is operated by Walgreens’ Take Care Health Systems. In addition to Workman, the staff includes pharmacist Adam Gourley and technicians Dani DeVries and Doreen Riba.