Official campus identification card to become ‘one card’

Author: Colleen O'Connor

A new “one card” concept will merge the current Card Services Office in the South Dining Hall, which processes student ID cards, with the Office of Human Resources’ ID card photo-processing and printing functions for faculty and staff.

The result will be a one-card, one-source and one-location service center—a “one-stop shop” clearinghouse to address and resolve all ID card-related issues.

“We are trying to reduce the number of steps it takes to resolve issues between the card holder and the various authorizing campus entities, such as Food Services, Human Resources, NDSP, Office of Housing and University Lock Shop,” says Juliane Lusk, manager of the Card Services Office.

Student ID cards are typically programmed for rights such as residence hall access, library check-out, laundry and dining hall meal plans, plus University tenders like Domer Dollars and Flex Points. Faculty and staff have building access rights programmed on their ID cards, plus other options such as special meal plans, Domer Dollars and ID card department charge access.

“We will be promoting the use of campus ID cards to faculty and staff more than before, both on and off-campus,” says Scott Kachmarik, director of auxiliary services.

One relatively recent feature is department charge access—faculty and staff can associate a departmental FOAPAL number with the ID card. In addition, Domer Dollars can be added to the ID card, in effect turning the ID card into a campus debit card.

Along with the consolidation of all ID card functions, the Card Services Office will be rebranded, getting a new name, new logo, new website and new location. All these changes should be in place by fall 2013.