November new hires

Author: Jane Morrow

The University welcomes the following new employees, who began work in November.

Zachariah M. Allen, Marketing Communications
Ashley Bennitt, Payroll Services
Nadia Casas, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Cynthia S. Cubillo, Recruitment and Communications
Randy L. Denton, Catering By Design
Jonathan Hannah, Foundation Relations
Orlando J. Mendez and Michelle White, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Roger Mota-Vega, North Dining Hall
Kimberly Patton, Graduate School
Cindy A. Pell and Larry J. Westfall, Career/Professional Development
Lauren Plennert, Audit and Advisory Services
Brian F. Pracht, Athletics Event Marketing & Ticketing
Jonathan R. Retartha, Annual Giving Programs
Jessica L. Schiller, Financial Aid
Stephanie M. Shaw, Customer Support Services
Shivande Stanley, Office of VP Research
Melissa Williams, Master of Science in Business