Notre Dame alum and student construct arch

Author: Paul Murphy

Palladian Arch

Two Notre Dame alumni, Travis Kline and former Notre Dame football player and fifth year architecture student Joey Hibe, constructed an arch outside of Bond Hall for the “From Vernacular to Classical: The Perpetual Modernity of Palladio” conference held in June.

The two worked with 8,000 pounds of stone to construct the Palladian Jack Arch on the morning of June 15. The final stone was placed at 1:15 p.m. on June 16. The two used Renaissance-era techniques to construct the arch, meaning they laid all stone by hand without any mortar.

Kline, a 2003 graduate, is a stone mason and works with a number of stone quarries.

After the arch was completed, people were able to walk underneath it for a short time until it was transported to its permanent home near the Holy Cross Annex near the north shore of Lake St. Mary’s on St. Mary’s Road.

The Snite Museum is currently showcasing some of Palladio’s famous architecture drawings. For more information on those exhibits, click here.

To watch the video above on YouTube, click here.