Nominations for Presidential Awards accepted through March 8

Author: Carol C. Bradley

From Executive Vice President John Affleck-Graves:

In the Spring Town Halls, Fr. John reminded us that it’s our core values that make Notre Dame unique. We support the sacred mission of Notre Dame not only in what we accomplish in our work, but in how we go about it every day with a sense of teamwork, integrity, accountability, leadership in excellence, and leadership in mission. I am impressed with the many accomplishments from the past year and proud of the way so many of you live our core values in all that you do.

Now you have the opportunity to nominate a colleague for three Presidential Awards – one designed to recognize individuals for their significant contributions to the betterment of the University, one to recognize an outstanding supervisor, and another for those whose actions exemplify Notre Dame’s Core Values.

Presidential Achievement Award

The Presidential Achievement Award will be awarded to a regular staff employee, exempt or non-exempt, who has accomplished a significant achievement over the past calendar year or has measurably contributed on a regular basis to the overall goals of the University. Nominees typically will have accomplished a significant contribution in one or more of the following areas: an improvement in productivity, a creative solution to a significant problem, a break-through effort that resulted in extraordinary innovation or improvement, a contribution that significantly impacted the University’s long-term success, or a suggestion that resulted in a reduction in cost.

All nominees are expected to positively demonstrate the University’s Core Values (Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Leadership in Mission and Leadership in Excellence).

Presidential Leadership Award

The Presidential Leadership Award will recognize a regular staff supervisor, exempt or non-exempt, who demonstrates and lives the principles of servant leadership: building community; orienting goals and achievements in line with the University mission; exhibiting strong stewardship of institutional resources (time, talent, financial); and developing a shared vision of institutional excellence. This award is for an individual who’s own performance is exemplary but is also an effective leader of people. Finally, nominees are expected to positively demonstrate the University’s core values (Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Leadership in Mission and Leadership in Excellence).

This nomination will be submitted by the employees of this supervisor and will be approved by his or her immediate manager.

Presidential Values Award

The Presidential Values Award will recognize a staff employee, exempt or non-exempt, who lives the University’s mission and is a role model exemplifying all of the Core Values:
Integrity – Demonstrates honest and ethical behavior that displays a high moral standard. Widely trusted, respectful, and honorable.
Accountability – Takes responsibility and ownership for decisions, actions, and results. Accountable for both how and what is accomplished.
Teamwork – Works cooperatively as a member of a team and is committed to the overall team objectives rather than own interests.
Leadership in Mission – Understands, accepts, and supports the Catholic mission of the university and fosters values consistent with that mission.
Leadership in Excellence – Demonstrates energy and commitment to improving results, takes initiatives often involving calculated risks while considering the common good.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be made by any Notre Dame employee. A selection committee will review and evaluate each of the nominations and then present their rankings to myself and Bob McQuade, Vice President for Human Resources, for final approval.

Please consider nominating a colleague to be a 2013 Presidential Award recipient. Nominations are due by Friday March 8, 2013. Click here for additional information or to nominate a colleague..