New, updated University policies released

Author: Jane Morrow

Academic Seal

President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., has approved four revised or new University policies recommended by the University Policy Committee and the President’s Leadership Council. The policies may be read in the entirety by visiting the University Policy Repository.

Protection of Children Policy

The focus of this policy, a revision of the 2003 policy, is on providing a safe environment for minor children participating in University-sponsored activities. The policy did not change, but more processes and procedures have been put in place to ensure that the University knows where children are on campus and that University employees who will be in contact with children are properly trained.

Policy on Use of the University Name and Brand

A new policy on the use of Notre Dame’s name and brand was developed to ensure that faculty and staff do not refer to their relationship with the University in public commentary in a manner that would imply University endorsement or sponsorship. This policy strives to limit endorsements that are inconsistent with the research and educational mission of the University.

Policy on Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment

The revised sexual and discriminatory harassment policy combines the previous Discriminatory Harassment Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy into one cohesive policy with a streamlined reporting process. The policy encourages respectful behavior and promotes conduct consistent with University values.

Policy on Contacts with Federal, State and Local Government Officials and Agencies

This newly developed policy outlines the need for any faculty or staff member who intends to engage with federal, state or local government as a representative of the University or its interests to first notify the University. This policy facilitates the University’s compliance with laws and regulations related to interactions between the University and government officials.

Any policy related questions should be directed to Jenna Rager, 631-6411.