New EngageND database will document volunteer efforts

Author: Carol C. Bradley

Jay Caponigro

If you’re developing a service project or volunteer effort related to your role at the University, Jay Caponigro would like to learn about it.

As part of recent University efforts to improve the impact of outreach initiatives, Caponigro, director of community engagement, led the creation of a database, EngageND. The database is open for review and contributions from anyone on campus with a netID and password.

“If you’re thinking of doing a program or project in the community, we hope you’ll visit the site and learn what other colleagues are doing with the same community partners or groups. The University would like to encourage projects to align to meet community partners’ goals, and to improve internal communication and collaboration,” Caponigro says.

Visit the database to search, enter or update a project, publicize your efforts or present a summary report.

Entries can be sorted by location, partner type (business, government) and by age (adults, children birth to pre-K, etc.), and entries will carry through from one year to the next. If there’s a project you’re interested in joining or inquiring about, you can click a link to find out more, or email the project coordinator directly.