Meet your HR Consultant

Author: Office of Human Resources

Mark Kocovski Mark Kocovski

HR Consultants (HRCs) provide guidance and support to divisional leaders, deans, managers and employees in University departments.

“There are a few different ways to look at the role of an HRC,” says Mark Kocovski, director of HR Consulting. “Your HRC is a strategic partner who can proactively help your team achieve more. That could be through training or organizational design, both short-term and long-term. They’re a great partner at the table during those discussions.” In addition, Kocovski notes, when a workplace conflict or complaint arises, an HRC can investigate and help work toward a solution.

An HRC is assigned to every department in the University. Kocovski’s goal is for every employee to know his or her HRC. “If you see your HRC walking down the quad,” he says, “I want you to recognize not just who that person is, but what they can do for you.”

Faculty and staff are encouraged to learn more about the HRCs, or contact them directly through askHR at 631-5900.

Bernard Akatu

Office of General Counsel, Finance Division, Hesburgh Libraries, Investment Office, Innovation Park, Academic Space Management

Jenny Borg

University Relations, Student Affairs, Enrollment, First Year Studies, Kaneb Center

Merri Deal

Auxiliary Operations (Food Services snd St. Michael’s Laundry)

Sharon Hawkins


Mark Kocovski

Provost’s Office, Office of the President, Office of the Executive Vice President, Office of Human Resources, Campus Ministry

Lori Maurer

College of Arts & Letters, College of Engineering, Graduate School, Institute for Educational Initiatives, Institute for Church Life, Office of Information Technologies, ROTC

Kara Palmer

Campus Safety, Office of Internationalization, Mendoza College of Business, VP for Mission Engagement

Laura Picking

Campus Services, Facilities Design & Operations, Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research, School of Architecture, Archives, Registrar

Fatimah Stone

College of Science, the Law School, the Office of Research, Audit and Advisory Services, the Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement (CUSE), Academic Services for Student Athletes, the Debartolo Performing Arts Center, the Snite Museum, the Center for Social Concerns, TRIO

Lisa Yates

Morris Inn