Larry Robinson: Custodian, Custodial Services

Author: Carol C. Bradley

Forty-year employee Larry Robinson does his Notre Dame Building Services uniform proud.

Robinson, a Presidential Values Award winner in 2011, is well known for his tireless work ethic and commitment to keeping his buildings pristine. “God is nice. I don’t care what kind of work He puts on me. If God can stand it, I can, too,”he says.

He can’t wait to get to work in the morning, something his wife can confirm, he adds. Once he awoke and began dressing for work at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center on his day off.

After so many years of service to students (including Joe Montana, who, Robinson got to know while working in the Metallurgy Department Lab), fellow staff members and faculty he says, “I just love where I can work and make people happy.”