July new hires

Author: Jane Morrow

The University welcomes the following employees who began work in July, including a number of new Morris Inn staff:

Megan Akatu, Albino Akoon, Theodore V. Brown, Aaron Brock, Matthew N. Cappellini, Melissa Cass, Carmen L. Erickson, Heather Goralski, Matthew J. Hentz, Shane Hinkle, Nora Hussein, Beverly Kagel, Benjamin Q. Kartje, John G. Kramer, Amarah Laquindanum, Samantha J. Laycock, Broderick Lee, Sean T. Leyes, Henry J. Loranger, Cambria Mansfield, Matthew J. Marshall, Craig Marsh, Issam Marzouki, Mary R. Morgan, Rodolfo Navarro, Henriette R. Ngenga, Matthew L. Parker, Tracy M. Post, Alonso Rey, Lauren Rieff, Dulce M. Rivera-Obrien, Diane L. Santi, Sarah Schramm, Velisa M. Scott, Cassandra L. Sprigg, Timothy J. Timberlake, Bruce M. Weeks, and Jessica N. Zloza, Morris Inn

Kathryn Anderson and Mary Goodman, Admissions
Tabbitha Ashford and Dejon Purnell, RecSports
Kimberly H. Belcher, Theology
Lauren M. Bolland and Michele A. Talos, Law School Admissions
David J. Brewton, Utilities-Operations
Nathan H. Bush, Ryan S. Camden, John J. Nolan and Alan P. Wasielewski, Athletics Digital Media
Cristina Carrazza and Xin Wen, Psychology
Carrie Casner, St. Michael’s Laundry
Paige N. Cox and Jody A. Peters, Biological Sciences
Sarah G. Dalton, Summer Camps
Jeannine DiCarlantonio, Nhat Nguyen, Patrick E. Reidy and Christopher G. Tarnacki, Residence Halls Staff
Tyrone Diment, Huddle
Jeffrey Faust, Stephen Marks and George Moser, Customer Support Services
Marty Harshman, James W. Riley and Kristin Roose, Development
Ashley Johnston, School of Architecture
Jessica F. Keating, Institute for Church Life
Jill D. Lerner and J*essica O’Hearn*, ND Center for Arts and Culture
Katherine Linnertz, Women’s Lacrosse
Paul D. Manrique, Katelyn Mendoza and* Laura Peterson*, Student Activities
Victoria S. Mansoor, Multicultural Student Programs and Services
Justin McManus, Band
Sarah N. Mead, ND Marketplace
Jim Morrison, Provost Office
Ciara M. O’Halloran, Student Managers
Timothy P. Real, Catering by Design
Sarah C. Rodts and George A. West, Office of Campus Safety
Patrick R. Rogers, Men’s Basketball
Laura Tarwater, Harper Cancer Research Institute
Esther L. Terry, Satellite Theological Education Program
Jeffrey R. Thibert, Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement
Catrina M. Thompson, Women’s Tennis
Frank Vaccaro, Rolfs Aquatic Center
Lin Wang, Development Marketing and Communications
Benjamin J. Wilson, Center for Social Concerns