ITC administrators have a hand in everything we do

Author: Carol C. Bradley

ITC database administrators

Database administrators are like that commercial you used to see on TV, says Bob Guthrie, manager of systems administration for OIT’s EIS application services. “We don’t make the things you use, but we make the things you use better.”

With pretty much everything you do, you’re using a product that database administrators manage—from Concourse and insideND to the systems that manage payroll and benefits. “As long as everything goes right, nobody knows our name,” Guthrie says.

We thought we’d give campus the opportunity to meet the people who make it all happen: Back row, from left: John Grover, Kunal Bansal, Nagi Elia, Joan Huang and Vincent Melody. Front row: Cindy Rossner, Michael Chua, Fahd Ahmed.