Fourth annual ANDkids World Film Festival, July 25 to 29

Author: By Andrew Vanden Bossche

"Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey" (2011)

DeBartolo Performing Arts Center is excited to announce the fourth annual ANDkids World Film Festival, Wednesday, July 25, to Saturday, July 28.

The festival is devoted to films for kids of all ages and their families. This year’s programming features live-action and animated features, shorts, repertory classics and documentaries.

The festival also includes opportunities for children to preview and review the festival’s selections, volunteer as greeters and ushers and narrate international films with English subtitles—providing an audience-friendly assist for pre-readers and early readers in attendance.

All films are screened in the Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. Tickets are free and available online at or at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center ticket office. The ticket office is open Monday through Friday from noon to 6 p.m., or call 631-2800.

All dates, times and programs subject to change. For more information and for descriptions of the films, visit

Wednesday, July 25

  • 7 p.m.: “Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey” (2011)

Thursday, July 26

  • 11 a.m.: Short Films: “Birds of a Feather”
  • 1 p.m.: Short Films: “Once Upon A Time”
  • 3:30 p.m.: “Tales of the Night” (2011)
  • 7 p.m.: “First Position” (2011)

Friday, July 27

  • 11 a.m.: Short Films: “Touch My Heart—Gentle Films for the Big Screen”
  • 1 p.m.: Short Films: “Wild Ride”
  • 3 p.m.: “Shakespeare High” (2011)
  • 7 p.m.: “On the Sly” (2011)

Saturday, July 28

  • 11 a.m.: “Fuchsia: The Mini Witch” (2010)
  • 1 p.m.: “Le Tableau” (2011)
  • 3:30 p.m.: “A Letter to Momo” (2011)
  • 7 p.m.: “Star Wars: Uncut” (2012)