November and December service anniversaries


The University congratulates those employees who celebrate significant service anniversaries in November and December, including 30-year employees James M. Desits, TRiO Programs, and Jayne E. Schlutt, Hesburgh Libraries.

25 years
Norma L. Aguilar, Custodial Services
Pamela K. Batalis, Business Operations Service Center
Lawrence R. Briggs, North Dining Hall
Sharon I. Gray, Huddle
Dorita A. Jennings and Michele Moser, Food Services Support Facility
Colleen M. Jones, Hammes Bookstore
Dennis B. Payne and Ann M. Pugh, Landscape Services
Elaine M. Savely, Hesburgh Libraries
Carol L. Schaal, Notre Dame Magazine

20 years
Alejandra Botello, Custodial Services
Kurt R. Dering, Maintenance Repairs
Rebecca L. Kruzel, security
Thanh H. Le, Custodial Services
Alan J. Pecze, Food Service Support Facility
Gregory A. Scott, South Dining Hall
Patricia A. Wilkom, health services

15 years
David G. Davidson and Beverly L. Esters, Custodial Services
Brian J. Egendoerfer, Enterprise Systems
Daniel T. Patterson, South Dining Hall
Carole Pilkinton and Mary J. Szekendi, Hesburgh Libraries
Rex E. Rectenwal, Food Services administration
Robert B. Richman, EIS
Louis M. Wilber, Vending

10 years
Rosa T. Escalante, Morris Inn
DeeAnne M. Goodenough Lashua, chemistry and biochemistry
Tracy B. Grimm, Institute for Latino Studies
James B. King, Corby Hall
Jody Klontz, Center for Civil and Human Rights
Natalia Lyandres, Hesburgh Libraries
Jaime L. Mburu, security
Christine M. Meszaros, UNDERC
Ray Phillips, Office of the University Architect
Tatiana H. Prokrym, Hesburgh Libraries
Marci Ullery, student affairs
Teri L. Vitale, development