December and January new employees

Author: Carol C. Bradley

We welcome the following employees who joined the University in December and January:

Christopher P. Abram, English
Neil Arner, theology
Andrew N. Balhoff, residence halls
Peter Barker, chemistry and biochemistry
Patricia C. Bellm, Institute for Church Life
Lindsey P. Bennett, Mayuri Changede and Candace Corbett, development
Frank A. Bouchard and Julia M. Stoltzfus, biological sciences
Kristine A. Butz, financial aid
Timothy E. Cotton, utilities
Sabine Doering, German and Russian languages and literatures
Sheri Egendoerfer, human resources
Yi Fang, Office of the Associate Provost for Internationalization
Hilary Flanagan and Tara Ladewski, Career Center
Sarah Gaetano, Office of Academic Mission Support
Carrie Gates Pluta, College of Arts and Letters
Regina E. Gesicki, Gender Relations Center
Sandra Glavas, executive education
Alan Hamlet, civil engineering and geological sciences
Scott S. Hampton and Dodi Heryadi, Center for Research Computing
Elizabeth A. Harter, public relations
Jonathan Hartzler, Hesburgh Libraries
Laura J. Heideman, Kroc Institute
Robert C. Henry, Landscape Services
David Hoelzle, aerospace and mechanical engineering
Kaycee Huston, Security
Michael T. Kaiser, Office of the VP for Finance
Bryce Karasiak, varsity strength and conditioning
Gurleen Kaur, EIS application services
Bridget E. Keating, Audit and Advisory Services
Courtney A. LaVere and Brandon Tabor, development
Susan Lister, Internal Communications
Curt A. Lynn, recruitment and communications
Molly E. Mahoney, Compton Family Ice Arena
Luca Marcozzi, Nanovic Insitute
Brandy S. Martinez, psychology
Mark K. Naman, Annual Giving Programs
Sergio Porres, Academic and Administrative Services
Raymond N. Preston, student development and welfare
Therryn R. Rassi, School of Architecture
Laura M. Schmucker, management
Kate Schuenke Lucien, Alliance for Catholic Education
Mary C. Skaggs, Shared Services
Banjamin Tovar, Computer Science and Engineering
Cynthia S. Troyer, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Zheng Wang, Hesburgh Libraries