Contract submission/review process updated

Author: From the office of General Counsel


The Office of General Counsel is pleased to announce that in addition to submitting contracts for review by email or hard copy, submissions can now be made through an online submission form. The online form allows users to quickly provide basic information about the contract being submitted and upload any associated documents.

It is the OGC’s hope that capturing this basic information at the time of submission will streamline the review process and improve the contract submission experience.

Please note that the OGC will continue to accept contracts submitted through any of the channels currently used, including:

  • emailing a contract directly to or to an office/department’s specific attorney
  • mailing or hand delivering a hard copy of an agreement to the Office of General Counsel at 203 Main Building
  • emailing submissions using the PDF “eContract” form used by some departments with a high volume of submissions

Additionally, certain types of event contracts are now being reviewed and approved through Procurement Services. Procurement will be handling the review of:

(1) hotel contracts (such as for the reservation of a block of rooms for an event or conference)

(2) contracts for the rental of event/banquet/conference space (whether at a hotel or conference center or other similar venue).

Submit these types of contracts directly to Procurement by emailing Ann Simpson, contracts specialist. If you have any doubt about whether your contract is one that should be reviewed by the OGC or by Procurement, submit it to and it will be routed to the appropriate party.

If you have questions about these new processes or anything else related to contracts, contact the OGC, 631-6411 or The OGC is ready and willing to help navigate the process of reviewing, negotiating and executing any contract, regardless of the subject matter or how it finds its way to our office!