Compassion Fund receives endowment gift

Author: Carol C. Bradley

The former University Club has donated the remainder of funds in its treasury, $71,085, to form an endowment for the Employee Compassion Fund, a fund that assists employees with catastrophic or emergency needs. Five percent of the University’s United Way campaign donations annually go to support the fund.

There is a new application form for the Compassion Fund, and new guidelines. “We’re making good decisions with the money,” says Jessica Brookshire, public affairs associate director.

The fund is administered through the Family & Children’s Center, and payments from the fund are not taxable or reportable as income. In 2011, there were 19 applications, of which 11 were supported. Certain criteria must be met, Brookshire adds. "The need must be catastrophic and unplanned.”

The fund has helped employees who have suffered house fires, unexpected funeral or medical expenses or a delay in receiving disability insurance.

Recipients should have spoken with human resources and have contacted Lifeworks, the employee assistance program; and the United Way’s 211 line to exhaust other avenues of assistance.

The maximum amount that can be disbursed is $600, and a maximum of one grant per person or family unit is allowed in a two-year period, up to two maximum grants per employee during employment at Notre Dame. For more information contact the askHR helpline, 631-5900.