Climate change and the common good

Author: Rachel Novick

Climate change

The University will host “Climate Change and the Common Good,” a national conference addressing the multifaceted challenges presented by our changing climate, April 8-10 (Monday-Wednesday) at the Notre Dame Conference Center (McKenna Hall).

The event will engage nationally recognized scientists, ethicists and strategists in conversation with students, faculty, administrators and members of the broader community.

Speakers will include Andrew Revkin, author of the New York Times’ Dot Earth Environmental Blog, and Andrew Rosenberg, director, Center for Science and Democracy, Union of Concerned Scientists.

“Climate change is constantly in the news: 2012 was the hottest year on record in the U.S., and extreme events from climate disruption are costing businesses and taxpayers tens of billions of dollars from fires, crop losses and storm damage,” said Jessica Hellmann, associate professor of biology and conference co-chair. “There’s so much negative information that it’s tempting to look the other way. This conference will help people make sense of what is often seen as an overwhelming problem by connecting the dots between science, ethics and practical solutions.”

“We know that climate change will disproportionately impact the poor and vulnerable, those who have contributed the least to our present energy and environmental crisis,” said Rev. William M. Lies, C.S.C., vice president for mission engagement and church affairs at Notre Dame. “By coming together as a community to learn about these challenges and the paths to solutions, we can better answer God’s call for us to be stewards of the finite gifts of our planet.”

Says Robin Darling Young, associate professor of theology and lead conference organizer, “Our goal is to engage Notre Dame and the broader community with this critical topic, which is so integrally tied to our University mission.”

Conference registration is free for members of the Notre Dame community. The conference agenda and registration information can be found at