Christmas posters from Puerto Rico at ILS

Author: Carol C. Bradley

An exhibition of 40 silkscreen Christmas posters produced by Puerto Rico’s Division of Community Education (DIVEDCO) is on display in the Institute for Latino Studies’ Galeria América through Friday, Feb. 3. The gallery is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. A comprehensive exhibition of DIVEDCO posters from the same collection, Art at the Service of the People, will on display at the Snite Museum of Art from January 22 through March 11.

From the early 1950s until it was disbanded in 1990, DIVEDCO produced at least two commemorative Christmas posters each year. As a group, these can be seen as powerful symbols of the program’s embrace of local traditions and its attempts to maintain Puerto Rico’s cultural integrity in the face of the ever-increasing influence of the United States.

The posters featured in the exhibition come from the collection of Professors Thomas Anderson and Marisel Moreno, both of whom are fellows of the Institute.