Behind the scenes at the catalog fulfillment center

Author: Carol C. Bradley

Employees in the Catalog Fulfillment Center, including Alan Moore, are preparing for the upcoming football season

Notre Dame’s Catalog Fulfillment Center, located at 1610 N. Ironwood, ships more than 100,000 packages of Notre Dame merchandise per year to locations across the U.S., Canada and around the world.

The center, which opened in 2000, has 13 full-time and 45 part-time and temporary employees. The majority of orders (75 percent) are online, with 25 percent of orders placed by phone, mail and fax.

A new order management system takes orders online and searches the entire Follett chain to fulfill them—the Hammes Bookstore is the first of Follett’s 933 stores to use the system.

Merchandise catalogs are mailed to 350,000 homes twice per year, in April and August. To place a phone order, call 800-647-4641; to order online, visit; or download the mobile and iPad apps to shop on the go.