Café de Grasta scheduled open with limited service

Author: Colleen O'Connor

These fabrics will give a fresh look to Cafe de Grasta's booths and chairs during its August renovation

Café de Grasta in Grace Hall has re-opened for food service, but no seating is available yet as remodeling continues this week.

According to Stephen Whitaker, general manager of satellite retail operations, improvements to the café will include all-new flooring, new window treatments, fresh paint in the dining room and new upholstery for the dining room chairs.

Additionally, there will be new seating arrangements more conducive to meetings and conversations, similar to what is found at Starbucks in LaFortune. The hot food area will be opened up to improve traffic flow, the conference room in the back will be opened and incorporated into the main seating area to add capacity, and the trash/recycling bin area will get a new look and increased efficiency.

“The result will be a clean, fresh look,” said Whitaker.

The changes are part of a strategic plan put forth by Envision Strategies, an international food service consulting firm retained by Notre Dame Food Services. Notre Dame’s Office of Facilities Design and Operations is handling the redesign. No changes to the menu are planned at this time.