August service anniversaries

Author: Carol C. Bradley

The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in August:

30 years
Salvador Cruz,
South Dining Hall
Prashant V. Kamat, Radiation Laboratory
Kimberly S. Krakowski, St. Michael’s Laundry
Norma R. Kyles, Admissions
Elizabeth L. LaCluyze, North Dining Hall
Steven T. Ruggiero, Physics
Priscilla W. Wong, Campus Ministry

25 years
Joseph P. Amar,
Michele R. Bates, Central Resources
Cynthia L. Belmarez, Office of Strategic Planning
Gary H. Bernstein, Electrical Engineering
Ikaros I. Bigi, Physics
Carole L. Coffin, Student Affairs
Timothy G. Connelly, Track and Cross Country
Kevin M. Corrigan, Men’s Lacrosse
Amitava K. Dutt, Economics and Policy Studies
David A. Harr, Office of the Executive Vice President
David R. Hyde, Biological Sciences
Traci L. Ingle, Custodial Services
Patrick J. Klaybor, Compton Family Ice Arena
Scott C. Malpass, Investment Office
Theodore E. Mandell, Film, Television and Theatre
Rebecca E. Moskwinski, University Health Services
John E. Negri, Catering by Design
Laura E. Niven, Risk Management and Safety
Olga Perry, North Dining Hall
Kathleen A. Pyne, Art, Art History, and Design
Christine R. Schaal, Mail Distribution
Michael M. Stanisic and Flint O. Thomas, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Kathy D. Troth, Biological Sciences
Stephen Whitaker, Food Services

20 years
James M. Ashley, Mary R. D’Angelo
and Maura A. Ryan, Theology
Alexander Blachly and Daniel C. Stowe, Music
Patricia A. Blanchette, Philosophy
Andrew C. Gould, Political Science
Sandra M. Gustafson and Valerie L. Sayers, English
David B. Hartvigsen, Management
Mark A. Houseman, Academic and Administrative Services
Mary E. Koepfle, Development
Kathleen J. Kolberg, Preprofessional Studies
Zuwei Liu, EIS – Core Services
Martina A. Lopez, Art, Art History, and Design
Julliet N. Mayinja, Off-Campus Programs
Christine L. McClure, Provost Office
Elizabeth A. McIntyre, Custodial Services
Jeanne M. Meade, Mendoza College of Business
Gerard K. Misiolek, Mathematics
Dawn M. Moore, Huddle
Catherine Perry, Romance Languages and Literatures
Gabriel A. Radvansky, Psychology
Steven R. Schmid, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Andrew L. Slaggert, Hockey
Clara L. Taylor, Central Resources
Barbara A. Wiggins, South Dining Hall

15 years
Carl B. Ackermann,
Thomas F. Anderson and Elena M. Mangione-Lora, Romance Languages and Literatures
Karen S. Baer-Barkley, University Counseling Center
W. Martin Bloomer, Classics
Timothy S. Boyer and Steven J. Saretsky, Food Services Support Facility
Geraldine C. Brown, Development
M.B. Coughlin and Heather R. Russell, Student Affairs
Delores E. Dazell, North Dining Hall
William L. Donaruma and Pamela Wojcik, Film, Television and Theatre
Crislyn D’Souza-Schorey, Jeffrey S. Schorey, Mark A. Suckow, Kevin T. Vaughan and Patricia S. Vaughan, Biological Sciences
John M. Duffy and Susan C. Harris, English
Nicolette Duncan, University Health Services
Traig S. Foltz, Academic and Administrative Services
Thomas E. Fuja, Electrical Engineering
Michael Gekhtman and Liviu Nicolaescu, Mathematics
Denise M. Goralski, Physical Education
Vanessa F. Henderson and Bounkouang Phanthavong, Custodial Services
Shirley N. Kasalo, Investment Office
Rosemary H. Kopec, Career Center
Janet A. Kourany and Kristin Shrader-Frechette, Philosophy
Vivian R. Lewis, Huddle
John P. Meier, Theology
John C. Nagle, Law School
Suon Nen, Paula Roberts and Sokha Som, South Dining Hall
Robert E. Norton, German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Susan C. Ohmer, Office of Digital Asset Management
Candace M. Rassi, Student Accounts
Anthony M. Rolinski, Varsity Strength and Conditioning
Richard J. Ruder, Fire Protection
Thomas F. Schaefer, Accountancy
Tami J. Schmitz, Campus Ministry
Robert P. Sedlack, Art, Art History, and Design
Amy K. Shirk, Law Library
Rachel Tomas Morgan, Center for Social Concerns
Deborah A. Van Bruaene, St. Michael’s Laundry
Mark J. Vigneault, Physics
Sarah E. West, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Catherine H. Zuckert and Michael P. Zuckert, Political Science

10 years
Cristina Anderson,
Robert Audi, Philosophy
David M. Bartels, Radiation Laboratory
Susan Baxmeyer and Phillippe A. Collon, Physics
Julie Boynton and Anthony J. Polotto, Planning, Design and Construction
David M. Byrne, Building Managers
David Cavalieri, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Mayland Chang, Dusan Hesek, Viktor Krchnak, Mijoon Lee, Shahriar Mobashery, Jeffrey W. Peng, Marta Toth and Sergei Vakulenko, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Clayton K. Cole, Film, Television, and Theatre
Annette E. Eaton, Alcohol and Drug Education
David W. Fagerberg and Gabriel S. Reynolds, Theology
Molly M. Fremeau, Food Services Administration
Dawn Greathouse, Women’s Soccer
Julie Hart and Larry R. LeMaire, Rolfs Aquatic Center
Amy Huber, Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Debdeep Jena, Electrical Engineering
Lei Li and Matthew J. Michel, Biological Sciences
Sharon J. Loftus, Law School
Amy N. Mason, Golf Course Administration
Sara L. Maurer, English
Carla McDonald, North Dining Hall
Margaret H. Meserve, History
Jeffrey A. Morris, MBA Career Development
Alice M. Nightingale, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Irene J. Park, Psychology
Syphone Phoutpannha, Custodial Services
Maria Ramirez, South Dining Hall
John Slaughter, Engineering and Science Computing Adminstration
Thomas A. Stapleford, Program of Liberal Studies
Janice Verwilst, Admissions