August service anniversaries


The University congratulates those employees who celebrate significant service anniversaries in August, including 35-year employees Cheryl L. Copley, chemistry and biochemistry; Sandy Dutoi, Food Services; and Shirley M. Wise, Hammes Bookstore.

30 years
Deborah A. Bang, Freimann Animal Care Facility
Laura S. Fuderer, Hesburgh Libraries
Cynthia L. Hansen, Solutions Center
Suzanne Kowalski, Financial Aid
Eric L. Kuehner, Alexander G. Lappin, Patricia G. Laskowski and Anthony S. Serianni, chemistry and biochemistry
Wanda L. Marshall, Food Services
Steven A. Srmek, Rockne Memorial

25 years
Robert Audi, philosophy
Dawn M. Bell, Building Services
Sunny K. Boyd, biological sciences
Steven A. Buechler, applied and computational mathematics and statistics
Hsueh-Chia Chang, chemical and biomolecular engineering
Melissa L. Conboy, Athletics Facilities and HR
Thomas F. Cosimano and Richard G. Sheehan, finance
Deborah L. Fowler and Michelle D. Kloska, Custodial Services
Margaret L. Giles, Hesburgh Libraries
David S. Hachen, sociology
Brenda K. Jones, admissions
Joshua B. Kaplan, political science
Barbara C. Page, security
Lori M. Rush, Annual Giving Programs
Mei-Chi Shaw, mathematics
Cynthia L. Sykes, Athletics Compliance and Legal Affairs
Jerry C. Wei, management

20 years
Debra D. Acrey, student organizations
Aaron B. Bales and Thurston D. Miller, Hesburgh Libraries
Gail Bederman, history
Julia M. Braungart-Rieker, psychology
Jay B. Brockman and Danny Z. Chen, computer science and engineering
Sean R. Bryant, athletic grounds
Edward J. Conlon, management
Michael R. Davy, Food Services Administration
Annette L. Feirrell, Corby Hall
Michael L. Hemler, finance
Kristine L. Ibsen, Romance languages and literatures
Bradley J. Malkovsky, theology
A. James McAdams, political science
G. Felicitas Munzel, Program of Liberal Studies
Thomas J. Nevala, Athletic Business Office
Hugh R. Page, First Year of Studies
Susan G. Sheridan, anthropology
Kathleen K. Speybroeck, Equipment Room

15 years
Nora J. Besansky, Frank H. Collins, Kristin M. Lewis, Jeanne Romero-Severson and David W. Severson, biological sciences
Peter C. Burns, civil engineering and geological sciences
John E. Conley, Paul F. Doyle and Jerome J. Meyer, residence halls
Michael E. Connors and Maxwell E. Johnson, theology
Monica A. Cundiff, Joyce Center Administration
Angela M. Donaldson and Betty L. Udongo, Custodial Services
Matthew J. Doppke, College Seminar
Patrick J. Fay, electrical engineering
James K. Foster, preprofessional studies
Mary E. Frandsen, music
Stuart Greene, English
Robin R. Hoeppner, First Year of Studies
Patrick G. Holmes, Academic Services for Student-Athletes
Thomas M. Kellenberg, Office of International Studies
Maureen M. Lakin and Jean C. McManus, Hesburgh Libraries
Brian T. Lohr, Mendoza
Julia J. Marvin, Program of Liberal Studies
Tadeusz R. Mazurek, classics
James J. McKenna and Carolyn R. Nordstrom, anthropology
Janine E. Meersman, Financial Aid
G. D. Moss, Office of the Vice President – Student Affairs
Karen E. Richman, Institute for Latino Studies
Karen P. Schneider Kirner, Campus Ministry
Dayle Seidenspinner-Nunez, College of Arts and Letters
Andrea S. Shappell, Center for Social Concerns
David A. Smith, psychology
Sergei Starchenko, mathematics
Bernardine L. Stein, School of Architecture
Robert E. Sullivan, history
Anthony F. Sutton, sports medicine
Troy L. Tucker, General Services
Christina K. Wolbrecht, political science

10 years
John A. Blacklow, music
David E. Campbell, political science
David M. Dosmann, security
Agustín Fuentes, anthropology
Kenneth W. Henderson, chemistry and biochemistry
Peter D. Holland, film, television, and theatre
Romana C. Huk, English
Joyce Jodway and Barbara Simington, Huddle
Jessica N. Kayongo, Hesburgh Libraries
Mark Kocovski, Human Resources
J. Nicholas Laneman, electrical engineering
Francois M. Ledrappier, mathematics
Sara C. Liebscher, development
Sylvia L. Lin, East Asian languages and cultures
Edward M. Mack, residence halls
Nelson Mark and James X. Sullivan, economics and econometrics
David T. Mayernik, School of Architecture
Sarah E. McKibben, Irish language and literature
Rory M. McVeigh, sociology
Justin Moody and Policarpio Navarrete, Food Services
Scott C. Morris, aerospace and mechanical engineering
Lucille A. Nate, Law School
Margaret R. Pfeil and Robin D. Young, theology
James B. Pitts, physics
Holly Rivers, Kellogg Institute
Mark B. Thesing, Mendoza College of Business
David Thornton, Library Law
Kara L. Turner, Registrar
Nisa Wagner, St. Michael’s Laundry
James E. Wilkie, marketing