Five staffers honored with Presidential Awards

Author: Carol C. Bradley

The Presidential Values Award

In recognition of employees whose performance reflects the University’s core values of integrity, accountability, teamwork, leadership in mission and leadership in excellence.

Nancy Fulcher

Nancy Fulcher, Assistant Director Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Services: Those who work with Nancy quickly notice her commitment to the University’s Catholic mission and values while making significant contributions for the betterment of the University. Nancy conducts herself with such class and integrity while serving as a role model—personally and professionally—for those fortunate enough to work with her. Nancy willingly adapts to change. For an employee with such longevity, she eagerly embraces change of all types—in her role, in the department’s leadership and reporting structure, in technology, and other aspects of work life. Before sustainability initiatives were popular in higher education, Nancy had negotiated the implementation of a reusable tote program with our preferred supplier of office supplies. Notre Dame was the second university to implement this program.

As an employee, Nancy regularly goes above the call of duty. She ensures that her team holds the University’s suppliers to high standards. She displays the highest level of integrity while operating in a position that is subject to potential influence. She is selfless and hardworking, and displays a willingness to get involved. Recently, when Procurement was given responsibility for campus travel, Nancy played a key role in the development of the travelND program—the system, the campus rollout, and the implementation of day-to-day management of this highly visible initiative.

Sharon Hawkins

Sharon Hawkins, Senior Human Resource Consultant, Department Of Human Resources: Not many people can claim to be known around campus as the “Mayor of Notre Dame,” but if there were ever an election for this title, Sharon Hawkins would be at the top of everyone’s list!

Sharon has a very difficult job as a Senior Human Resource Consultant. She is frequently faced with difficult and challenging situations but always remains positive, relishing in the opportunity to help others. You can find her on campus at all hours of the day and night supporting managers and employees in difficult situations. She is the epitome of a team player—her vocabulary is never about ‘I’ but always about ‘we’. Sharon is as compassionate a person as you will ever meet and wants nothing more than to see everyone at the University be successful and happy in their jobs and in life in general. She makes a point of befriending as many people on campus as possible and greets everyone with a welcoming smile and exceptionally approachable demeanor. It is almost impossible to walk across campus without someone calling out hello to her, or coming over for a hug. She has the uncanny ability to make everyone feel valued. Sharon lives the mission of the University and exemplifies the core values of the University in all she does.

The Presidential Achievement Award

In recognition of breakthrough initiatives, extraordinary innovations and significant contributions to the University’s long-term success.

May Kwok

May Kwok, Kitchen Associate, Food Services, South Dining Hall: What do you do with old pizza dough? May Kwok in South Dining Hall can tell you. She takes the time to roll them out and cuts them into cinnamon rolls. Students line up to get them! May shows outstanding creativity in not wasting food and keeping her customers happy. Her innovations have led to new menu items, such as the “make-your-own” pizza. The idea materialized when she ran out of pizza crust toward the end of a meal. She went to the deli and started using pita bread rounds to make individual pizzas. She could not make them fast enough! May is also responsible for taking extra breadsticks and making them into cinnamon breadsticks, which again became so popular they were added to the regular menu. If there is an issue with an ingredient, she takes great initiative to correct the problem or find a creative solution, always taking pride in presenting a consistent and quality product to the students. May is extremely diligent in teaching the correct techniques to others so all shifts can provide an excellent menu item. Her innovation, creativity, initiative and continual pursuit of quality all exemplify her outstanding customer service.

Garrett Moraski

Garrett Moraski, Administrative Research Technician-Lab Program Manager, Chemistry and Biochemistry: Garrett is driven to improve the lives of others through innovative discovery, and the results are most impressive. He has not only discovered potential new therapies for dreaded diseases such as tuberculosis, drug-resistant bacterial infections and cancer, but shares the knowledge through his publications and patents. The results have attracted considerable attention to Notre Dame with several intellectual property developments that have been licensed or are under negotiation. He is the ideal role model for enthusiastically doing innovative research, sharing it through publications and patents while being a congenial, constructive and positive ambassador for the power of new knowledge.

Garrett serves as a lab manager, doing all of the ordering, organizing the labs, helping get new coworkers settled, introducing the electronic notebook system and many other services that keep the group running well. At the same time, he writes manuscripts and patent applications, prepares seminars, organizes chemical data and results from assays by many collaborators around the world, and has been very helpful in preparation of successful grant applications and even helping to organize startup/spinoff companies, including interactions with outside interested parties. While doing everything, Garrett serves as an excellent role model for how to do chemistry and does it well and, at the same time, is a caring, interactive group citizen.

The Presidential Leadership Award

In recognition of regular staff supervisors, exempt or non-exempt staff, for their outstanding servant leadership.

Augie Freda

Augie Freda, Director, Development-Research: Augie’s leadership and management style allow his staff to work to their fullest potential. They will readily affirm, “He gets it, and treats us all with such respect that we are energized to do our very best. He is truly an exceptional leader.” Augie has a process in place that provides a clear expectation—there is a predictable flow from the time a research request is logged in until the finished report is posted. Many of Augie’s staff believe he is the best manager they have ever worked with. His faith-based approach to leadership creates a feeling of importance for each one because he gives them the credit for projects that they have done well, both individually and as a team. Working as a team is very important to Augie, and he provides team-building experiences on a regular basis. He understands that team members have different learning and work styles and is willing to make adjustments so that each individual can be successful.

Augie really cares about the people who report to him, and understands the need for a good balance of work and home life and what is important. He has a great sense of humor and always has a positive attitude. Augie is a wonderful leader and gentle Christian man, and because of that, he has a happy, well-rounded staff, full of enthusiasm for Our Lady’s University.